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The donated purses were filled with toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and soap. It was a part of the C.R.O.W. N. foundations quarterly service project. We see people struggle every day and as God being why not find out more our provider we wanted to give back to those who may not have it, or may not be fortunate enough to have the things that we use every day, said Shaewana McGee, who serves as the nonprofits community manager. Not to leave anyone out, there was also a table set up for men to collect a few items as well. The service project was also a volunteer event for young ladies in the Dancing Dolls troop in Birmingham. The young ladies played a big role in getting a lot of the items donated to stock the purses. It feels great because you know youre giving back to the community and youre giving back to girls just like you. It could be young girls that youre giving back to and that can make them happy, said dance member Mykia Horton. The goal was to hand out 100 purses, but volunteers surpassed their goal and donated nearly 250 purses. Bags that werent picked up at thepark Sunday afternoon were dropped off at nearby shelters.

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Bomb attack that killed Spanish Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco in December 1973 The word "terrorism" has no universally accepted definition. The Global Terrorism Database uses three criteria. To label an act as "terror" it must: have political, social or religious motivations be designed to send a message to a larger audience beyond the immediate victims lie outside internationally recognised warfare activities One may debate whether any particular attack meets all three criteria, but the broad trend is clear: the chance of a European of being killed by militants has fallen sharply over the past four decades. Throughout the Troubles in Northern Ireland , the annual risk for civilians was about one in 25,000. In France in 2015 - a particularly bloody year in that country - it was one in 400,000. In 2001, the year of the deadliest attack in the US, the likelihood of being killed by a militant in America was less than one in 100,000. Image copyright AFP Image caption The 1988 destruction of a jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, remains Europe's deadliest-ever terror attack Those statistics, of course, do not tell the whole story. There are notable differences between the terrorists of today and those of previous generations. In the 1970s, militants were motivated by ideology - usually a radical form of Marxism. They focused on official targets or high-profile figures embodying the capitalism.

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