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A few billion would be set aside for programs supposedly related to climate change, although their connection is often tenuous. The remainder, Senate leaders say, would be rebated back to consumers to offset the higher costs that rising allowance prices would impose on gasoline more than $1 per gallon and other consumer goods. However, the rebate mechanism has not been spelled out. The Senate proposal resembles a carbon tax, and one issue that must be resolved is whether a new cap-and-trade program, whatever its details may be, would require only a simple majority legislative vote or, as a tax, require a harder-to-achieve two-thirds vote. The current program has survived, so far, legal challenges that its an illegal tax, but a post-2020 extension would face a much tighter constitutional definition of a tax enacted by voters via business-backed Proposition 26 in 2010. Brown and the Senate want two-thirds votes to preclude any legal cloud, but unless they can get some Republican support, they would need virtually unanimous backing from all Democratic legislators. Brown tried and failed to get two-thirds legislative backing for cap-and-trade reauthorization last year. His budget contains several billion dollars in cap-and-trade spending, but unless auction activity picks up, the money wont be there to spend.

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