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I use this all the time and it's not very expensive. (Retails for $10.99 at my shop) Stuff your pillow to the desired firmness. The tube is longer than it needs to be so be sure to measure it against the width of your piece of rug gripper. Mine needs to be about 6.5" long stuffed. When it is sufficiently stuffed, sew the open end shut and trim off the excess fabric. Set the pillow aside for the moment. Take the 2.5" by WOF piece of fabric to your ironing surface and press it in half lengthwise, right side out. This is just like you would do for making binding for a quilt. Sew the binding to what will be the bottom side of your foot pedal bed, this side that will sit against the floor. Use whatever method of ending the binding you want. I used the "tuck end tail inside beginning tail" method.

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'PATH OF DICTATORSHIP' Capriles on Saturday said his headquarters in Caracas had caught fire after tear gas was thrown inside. Around the same time, around a hundred protesters broke into an office of the Supreme Court and vandalized it, throwing construction materials inside and lighting a fire, according to a Reuters witness. Two people were reported injured by rubber bullets in San Cristobal, an opposition hotbed near the country's border with Colombia. Capriles had urged a crowd of supporters in Caracas to march to the office of the state human rights ombudsman, whom the opposition says is a puppet of the government. "The country has chosen the path of dictatorship," he said. Government critics say Capriles' ban is arbitrary and allows the ruling Socialist Party to sideline popular politicians without due process. After a recall referendum against Maduro was quashed last year and amid fears that next year's presidential election will not be fair, opposition supporters say they have no option but to take to the street. But after years of marching many are cynical while others are too busy trying to find food. Venezuela has been pummeled by a brutal economic crisis that has millions skipping meals, unable to afford soaring prices for basic goods and facing long lines for scarce products. Still, others have been motivated by the escalating political crisis and the opposition coalition is putting on a more dynamic and coordinated front than usual. "It's been two years since I've been out on the streets," said Richard Morton, a 43-year-old electrical engineer who said shortages make it tough to import medical equipment needed in his work, as he prepared to march under Caracas' hot sun.

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