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Labour called the measures announced "feeble beyond belief". House price growth 'to slow in 2017' The government says at least 250,000 new homes are needed each year to keep pace with demand and local councils and developers need to "get real" to the scale of the challenge. Mr Javid set out the details of the housing White Paper in a statement to MPs, with measures including: Forcing councils to produce an up-to-date plan for housing demand Expecting developers to avoid "low-density" housing where land availability is short Reducing the time allowed between planning permission and the start of building from three to two years Using a 3bn fund to help smaller building firms challenge major developers, including support for off-site construction, where parts of buildings are assembled in a factory A "lifetime ISA" to help first-time buyers save for a deposit Maintaining protection for the green belt, which can only be built on "in exceptional circumstances" Introducing banning orders "to remove the worst landlords or agents from operating" So-called starter homes, championed by former Prime Minister David Cameron, will be aimed at "households that need them most", with combined incomes of less than 80,000, or 90,000 in London. The government said there would be a change in focus from starter homes - which will be offered to first-time buyers at a discount - to "a wider range of affordable housing". The 22-year-olds who bought their own home (without mum and dad's help) Image copyright Ruby Willard Ruby Willard, a recruitment consultant, and engineer Sam Bardell bought a 182,200 two-bedroom terraced house in Havant, Hampshire, last year. They took advantage of the government's Help to Buy Isa, but to save for the 18,000 deposit, it was a case of being "quite tight", she says. "When we decided we were going to buy, I thought I'm not going to spend money elsewhere when I don't need to... "I get commission and Sam gets overtime so we probably earn 55,000 overall, which meant we were in a position we could borrow maybe more than people on minimum wage." Read how other 20-somethings managed to do it Mr Javid said: "Walk down your local high street today and there's one sight you're almost certain to see. Young people, faces pressed against the estate agent's window, trying and failing to find a home they can afford. "With prices continuing to skyrocket, if we don't act now, a whole generation could be left behind.

Leveraging a technology that has proved remarkably safe and effective for more than 50 years, Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) is a non-invasive, highly effective alternative to surgical basal cell carcinoma treatment and squamous cell carcinoma treatment. Without cutting, this non-surgical skin cancer treatment delivers a 95-percent-plus cure rate for non-melanoma skin cancercomparable to surgery without cutting or stitching. The SRT-100 delivers a precise, calibrated dose of Superficial Radiation Therapy that only goes skin deep. This low-dose of radiation safely destroys non-melanoma skin cancer cells. Performed right in the doctors office, each treatment is painless and only takes a few minutes. Patients usually undergo a series of treatments depending on the nature and extent of the cancer. The SRT-100 delivers optimum results for basal cell carcinoma treatment and squamous cell carcinoma treatment without the negative side effects of invasive treatments. Enjoy A Remarkable Cure Rate 95%+ Cure Rate For Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer. About Elias Dermatology, LLC Dr. Matthew Elias and Dr. Merrick Elias, and theentire staff at Elias Dermatology are experienced in medical and cosmetictreatments for both men and women, utilizing a pain-free approach to ensure that patients receive the best results with the highest level of comfort.

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