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"No one else is providing this." Drischler knows these challenges firsthand. She lived with an eating disorder for 14 years, until she completed a recovery program in her early 20s that mended her relationship with her body and food. Along with her business partner and fiance Jordan Tomb, Drischler launched Garment to help women like her address the wardrobe-related pressures after treatment and during recovery. "I was still giving my clothing too much power over my ability to recover," she said. "My closet ranged in sizes because my weight fluctuated severely throughout my struggle. Items that still fit led to panic and discomfort due to the number on the label. Going to the mall and trying on clothes was overwhelming and quickly revealed my new size or sizes depending on the store." View photos Image: Courtesy of the garment project Here's how the program works: Garment partners with treatment facilities around the country to connect with women in recovery. When a woman nears the end of in-patient treatment, her treatment team sends her measurements which are usually logged for insurance purposes to Garment, leaving the woman out of the process. Through partnerships with stores like ModCloth, Rue21, and local Pittsburgh brands, Garment has a stocked inventory with a detailed log of true measurements for every item. This ensures the items will fit a given client, so they can cut out all labels and sizing information in the process. Once the nonprofit matches the measurements, each woman receives a package of basics, including T-shirts, bras, underwear, and jeans.

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Jeremy Corbyn on his bicycle He sought to bring a new approach to leadership, adopting a less confrontational and more conversational tone at Prime Minister's Questions and generally refraining from either sound bites or photo opportunities - to the exasperation of what his supporters call the "mainstream media" and the derision of some commentators. Leadership challenge The coalition behind Mr Corbyn held together for nine months, despite growing discontent among Labour MPs who had never wanted him as leader and could not accept either his style of leadership or his policies. The EU referendum brought things to a head. Corbyn, who had been a Eurosceptic as a backbencher, was accused of mounting a half-hearted campaign to keep Britain in the EU and of not appearing to care too much that his side had lost. Labour MPs, some of whom had been plotting to topple Corbyn at some point, saw this as the chance to make their move to try and force him to stand down, amid fears they would be wiped out at a snap election they expected to follow the referendum with him as leader. Image copyright PA Image caption Owen Smith said his rival was unelectable but Mr Corbyn trounced him at the polls He faced a mass walkout from the shadow cabinet and then a vote of no confidence, which he lost by 172 votes to 40, as Labour MPs - enemies and previously loyal shadow ministers alike - urged him to quit. He refused to budge, pointing to the huge mandate he had received from Labour members and arguing that he had done better than many had expected in the electoral tests he had faced since becoming leader. MPs selected Owen Smith, a former member of his เสื้อคู่รัก เสื้อครอบครัว shadow cabinet who claimed to share the same left wing values, to take him on in another leadership election. Image copyright PA Image caption The Labour leader continued to draw in crowds that other politicians can only dream of Image copyright Getty Images Image caption But critics joked that his endorsement by UB40 showed he was stuck in the 1980s So Jeremy Corbyn, the reluctant leader who had to be persuaded to stand in 2015, now found himself fighting to hold on to a position he never expected to hold, this time as favourite rather than as outsider. And, back on the campaign trail among his own supporters, he seemed to rather enjoy himself.