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It's suddenly all they can talk about. Look, I get it. To diet is to obsess. Many years ago, I was a nervous undergraduate who had packed on the proverbial "freshman 15" (though in my case, it was the freshman 30) thanks to daily box of Wheat Thin crackers and nightly trips to the local ice cream parlor which created a particularly delectable "mix in." My "size-ist" family, for whom slenderness ranked somewhere above Godlines,s happily acceded to my wish to go slim down at spa. [contentlinks align="left" textonly="false" numbered="false" headline="Related%20Story" customtitles="28%20New%20Year's%20Resolutions%20Preppies%20Should%20Make" customimages="" content="article.9078"] What I discovered after a week at said spa, dear reader, is that hell is not other people, as Sartre declared. Hell is spending every waking moment worrying about and talking about the size of your thighs with other people. There truly is nothing more boring. No, not even watching paint dry. In fact, given the choice, I rather watch some Benjamin Moore air out for three days than listen to myself or anyone else talk about the "Whole 30" for three minutes. Given the choice, I'd rather watch some Benjamin Moore air out than listen to anyone talk about the 'Whole 30' for three minutes. Do you really think your office mate, or that attractive person at the networking conference-or even your best friend!-wants to hear about the effect your high protein, no carb, gluten-free plan is having on your breath and bowel movements?

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