It Is Also Consistent With Pay Deals Agreed With Unite For Other British Airways Colleagues.

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The airline said all flights to and from Gatwick and London City airports will operate as normal. The 48-hour strike, which started at midnight on Tuesday, is being conducted by so-called mixed-fleet cabin crew who represent around 15 per cent of stewards at the airline. Mixed-fleet crew based at Heathrow have argued they are unfairly paid less than other cabin crew. The Heathrow-based crew threatened to go on strike over Christmas but the action was suspended following last-minute talks with BA. British Airways cabin crew Christmas strike called-off Unite said since 2010 all British Airways new cabin crew employees joined mixed fleet, with basic pay starting at 12,192, plus 3 an hour "flying pay" totalling an average pay of 16,000, including allowances, each year. "These poverty pay levels cheap flights to hawaii from kitchener for cabin crew are below the living wage and are among the lowest in the industry, putting the UK's national carrier to shame," the union said a statement. BA responded: "The pay data shows that the range of earnings paid out to full-time mixed fleet crew between September 2015 and August 2016 was 21,151- 27,356. "Our proposal for our mixed fleet cabin crew reflects pay awards given by other companies in the UK and will ensure their reward levels remain in line with cabin crew at our airline competitors. It is also consistent with pay deals agreed with Unite for other British Airways colleagues. Unite national officer Oliver Richardson said: "Going on strike is never an easy decision, so we are pleased with the numbers of 'mixed fleet' cabin crew who have taken the courageous step to take a stand against poverty pay at British Airways. "This is a low paid workforce struggling to make ends meet on wages which are among the lowest in the airline industry." BA said: "As part of our contingency plan, we will be merging a very small number of flights to and from Heathrow.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit found by BBC Monitoring 23 January 2017 Image copyright AFP Image caption The committee wants military recruitment to recognise people's skills, not just physical fitness Swiss MPs want to boost the number of people entering military service by loosening the restrictions on admitting those who are overweight. Military service is mandatory for men in Switzerland, although an alternative civilian service was created in the 1990s for those who want to opt out for reasons of conscience. The army's numbers have been shrinking ever since, but members of the Federal Assembly's security policy committee think some people's potential is being squandered, the 20 Minuten website reports . They're calling on the government to change the recruitment rules in order to combat a skills shortage. "Let's take an overweight IT specialist. Just because he can't meet the physical requirements, he is declared unsuitable," says committee member Marcel Dobler. "He does not need a weapon for cyber defence, and physical fitness is irrelevant." The recruitment process uses body mass index (BMI) to determine who's in and who's out - those with a measurement above 30 are only accepted if they are in good physical condition. A BMI of more than 40 means automatic rejection. The website notes that in 2012, BMI was the reason for 672 people being declared unfit for service. It's not only weight that should be addressed, the committee says. It direct flights from chicago to st maarten wants minor health problems such as poor hearing to be overlooked, too.

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