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There is fierce opposition, meanwhile, from influential Muslim elders and teachers. "They are using this tactic to attack Islam, to attack Muslims," said Abul Qasim Nomani, vice chancellor of the Darul Uloom Deoband madrassa, the largest Islamic seminary in India, located in Uttar Pradesh. "Muslim women are being used as showpieces to fight a battle against Islam," added the 70-year-old, his face framed by a white beard and prayer cap. A madrassa official sitting beside him muttered: "This is like a wolf advocating for the rights of goats." MIXED REACTIONS Triple talaq is banned in some Muslim countries, including India's neighbor and rival Pakistan, but is allowed under Indian rules designed to protect religious communities. The BJP and its ideological surrogates are betting that by confronting divisions within India's Muslim population about those traditional divorce practices, they can win in two ways. The move will appeal to the Hindu majority, by emphasizing the need to counter Islamic influence in society, while at the same time splintering off Muslim voters. That may help Modi curb electoral damage from another big political gambit - the recent abolition of high value banknotes that has led to cash shortages and dented key sectors of the economy. It is difficult to tell on the streets of Uttar Pradesh, a poor state where water buffalos trudge through wheat fields and traffic alike, how much traction Modi and his Hindu supporters will get from the initiative. His coalition won 10 percent of the Muslim vote in Uttar Pradesh during 2014 national elections, according to a post-election survey by the non-partisan Centre for the รองเท้าผ้าใบ ig Study of Developing Societies.

Kelvin Lamont King, 28, and Darisha Phields, 27, are suspected of leasing an apartment in Roseville under the name and credit of an identity theft victim and paying for their living expenses, clothes and overseas vacations through fraud, according to a Police Department news release. In July, two Roseville residents noticed unauthorized transactions on their credit cards and reported them to police. In one case, police said, someone used fraudulent credit cards at a Roseville restaurant. In the other, a man used a fraudulent credit card to have his car serviced at a Roseville shop. Roseville detectives eventually identified the same suspects in both reports. In early December, detectives served a search warrant at the suspects apartment in Roseville and found blank credit cards, and credit card reading and encoding equipment, along with other evidence of identity theft. The suspects allegedly made credit cards in their own names and encoded them with account information from multiple identity theft victims, in Roseville and elsewhere in Northern California as well as one victim in Hawaii. They allegedly used a Bay Area victims name and credit for their apartment lease, utilities and other official purposes. The apartment was furnished with new furniture and electronics. The family also had a generous supply of new clothing and shoes, all apparently purchased through fraudulent means, police said.

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