Despite Its Appeal, Discover Los Angeles Surveyed Travellers For Their Sentiment About Trump Travel Policies And Then Had Tourism Economics Gauge How The Attitudes Might Affect Spending.

Not anymore. As low-cost unbundled airfare has become common-even the major carriers charge for seat reservations on some flights-more travelers have gotten on board with the concept, no matter how many hours theyre in the air. Norwegian, WOW Air, and Level are able to offer super-low flight prices because they can boost revenues by charging extra for what are now considered optional amenities. That keeps the fares low, but beware: These costs can add up big time. A WOW Air passenger who pre-books a seat with extra legroom (32 inches, about what you get on Southwest Airlines), brings a carry-on and checked bag, and has a meal and a drink on the plane could easily pay an additional $300 on top of the price of round-trip airfare. Reason #4: A strong U.S. dollar has driven away Europeans. For American tourists, the growing strength of the U.S. dollar against the British pound and euro offers a double payoff. You probably have already noticed one part of it: Everything is simply more affordable overseas. Hotels, taxis, restaurant meals, tours, and almost anything else youd pay for on the ground are at least 20% cheaper for Americans in Europe than they were two or three years ago. But theres another, more surprising benefit.

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The move came after Tourism Economics forecast 300,000 fewer international visitors this year compared to last year, a loss of $900 million in direct spending and $900 million in rippling economic effects. * The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has said its too early to speculate on the impact of travel policies, but the destination will continue to welcome visitors through programs such as visa waiver and Customs Preclearance. We will continue to aggressively market Las Vegas to the world and cheap flights to los angeles last minute welcome business and leisure visitors to our destination, said spokesman Jeremy Handel. * In Florida, Visit Orlando CEO George Aguel said the international destination remains concerned about "the growing narrativeregarding international travel to the US. While currently our research doesnt show a decline from our core international markets, our marketing efforts remain focused on ensuring we reinforce the value and experience of a vacation in Orlando." Jonathan Day, an associate professor at Purdue Universitys school of hospitality and tourism management, said tourist destinations have been shouldering the heavy lifting of marketing abroad for years before the relatively recent creation of Brand USA. The U.S. is the top destination worldwide for travel receipts, totalling more than $200 billion last year, according to the World Bank. While politics might raise concerns, Day said the countrys wide variety of culturaland natural resources remain an attraction. Travellers can discern the difference between policy issues at a foreign-relations level and the reception that they get on the ground from the local community, Day said. Youll have people visiting all sorts of countries around the world that they probably dont agree with the politics, but they nevertheless are excited to meet the people or experience the culture. Despite its appeal, Discover Los Angeles surveyed travellers for their sentiment about Trump travel policies and then had Tourism Economics gauge how the attitudes might affect spending. The city was projected to lose 800,000 international visitors and $736 million in direct spending.

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