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Bangladeshi Commander in the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Tarek Sayeed (centre) is escorted by police at Narayanganj court in Narayanganj on January 16, 2017. Their bodies were found three days later floating in a river, their bellies sliced open. Local politician Nur Hossain was among those sentenced to hang for paying the police unit to kill political rivals. It's thought to be the first time members of the notorious Rapid Action Battalion have received the death penalty. One of the three officers, Tarek Sayeed, is the son-in-law of a government minister. Many other defendants in the case were regular policemen. Bodies dumped Witnesses saw the murdered men, who included local government officials, being bundled into an unmarked van in Narayanganj in April 2014. Image copyright AFP Image caption The Rapid Action Battalion was formed in 2004 and is in the forefront of the battle against militancy A lawyer who filmed the abductions was himself seized, along with his driver. Their bodies were later found with the others in the river. Among those killed was local councillor Nazrul Islam, a political rival of Nur Hossain. Hossain, an Awami League politician, was last week repatriated to Bangladesh from India.

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